Interim College Board

The College Board Meetings are held every 2nd Thursday of each month at 5:30pm.

All are welcome.

The current Interim College Board members are:
Parent Members:

Mr Tim Cross - Chairperson
Mr Gerard Reid - Vice Chair
Mr Robin Lawrence - COGSO Rep
Ms Susan Macpherson
Ms Diane Cox
Mrs Rachel Kroes
Mr Nick O'Loughlin
Ms Toni Kostas
Mrs Jo Fox

Invited Members:

Ms Angela Tomazos
Professor Martin Carroll

Staff Representatives:

Mr Paul Mathews (Principal)
Mr Anthony Sherwell (Treasurer)
Mr Adam Lampe (Teacher Rep)
Mr Martin Wallace (Teacher Rep)

Student Representatives:

Miss Rianne Layson
Mr Lucas Schmitt

Interim College Board dates 2017:

Thursday 16 March - Annual General Meeting at 6pm followed by Incoming Council Meeting at 6:30pm
Thursday 20 April
Thursday 18 May
Thursday 15 June 
Thursday 17 August 
Thursday 21 September 
Thursday 26 October 
Thursday 23 November