Casuarina Senior College draws its students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds and circumstances. It is a cosmopolitan population that mirrors Darwin society at large. This reflects the situation in other public Senior Schools and Colleges in the Northern Territory.

Students who attend the College do so for many reasons, all with differing aspirations and goals. It is a hallmark of the College that every student who completes their education at CSC in full does so with a program that meets their needs.

Students who have their particular sights set on professional careers are able to enrol in classes that provide top quality entrance qualifications to all university choices. Accelerated classes are available from Year 10 onwards in all core subject areas, and as students move through the curriculum specialist teachers are available to provide advanced classes in all disciplines.

Casuarina Senior College is a Centre for Excellence in the area of Medicine and Health Sciences. This typically caters to students who have a strong interest in areas such as Chemistry and Biology, and are looking to extend their studies in this area. Specialist teachers deliver this program at the highest level. In 2016 the College expanded the Centre for Excellence in include an Elite Sports Program for student athletes, combining their studies with the elite sporting goals.

This does not preclude other students from studying options and combinations that are needed for different university entrance requirements. The College continues to provide classes at senior levels in Methods, Studies and Specialist Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Biology, English Studies, Legal Studies and Economics, along with a wide variety of Humanities and Arts. By studying the appropriate combinations of subjects, students can prepare themselves for any field of university entry, safe in the knowledge that specialist teachers and classes are available to maximise student opportunities.

The College actively involves itself with the career aspirations of its students' lives. It is well equipped with a Careers Advice Centre, where expert staff are constantly in touch with all major tertiary institutions throughout Australia, providing relevant information and guidance to students. Individual case management and tracking of progress is a priority, and staff continually monitor student progress to ensure successful completion of the NTCET.

Of course, if students change their minds, or interest is kindled in other areas, the College is well placed to offer and cater for the many other pathways available. Counselling and support services are on hand to ensure that you and your child make an informed choice in this important period.