The College provides a number of options for students studying their NTCET

  • Academic programs across the range of curriculum areas for students wanting to enter university
  • A Vocational Pathways program for students who want to undertake a school based apprenticeship which combines school, Vocational Education and Training and employment.
  • Options to combine academic programs and Vocational Education and Training

The College has a number of programs which provide specialisations for students

  • Centre for Excellence in Medicine & Health Sciences - a program for high ability students interested in medical or allied health fields
    Centre for Excellence Elite Sports Program - a program for elite student athletes
  • Centre for Excellence in English, Humanities and Languages
  • Centre for Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • A vibrant Visual and Performing Arts program (Dance, Visual Art, Drama, Creative Arts, Photography, Music)
  • SEDA - CSC is the host school for students in Years Ten, Eleven and Twelve wishing to pursue a career in sport and recreation (Certificate II, III and IV in Sport and Recreation)
  • Vocational Pathways - school based apprenticeship program
    Darwin Maritime Academy
  • Outdoor Education and Physical Education
  • Indonesian, French, Tagalog and Japanese languages (including options for Year Nine students from Sanderson and Dripstone Middle Schools)

Support Programs

Casuarina Senior College has a number of structures and supports in place to encourage and assist students while at school. These include:

  • Support personnel - Year Level Coordinators, Youth Worker, Counsellor, Nurse, AIEW, Defence Transition Mentor, Careers staff and Vocational Learning Coordinator
  • Defence Transition Mentor to assist students from Defence families
  • Study Centre in the Library with tutor support available
  • Clontarf Academy to support Indigenous males
    Stars Academy to support Indigenous females
  • Henbury Outreach Program

Facilities at the College

  • New specialist Science annexe and refurbished Science block
  • Well-equipped gymnasium & climbing wall
  • Specialist Dance studio
  • Technical Studies areas including automotive workshop
  • Hospitality kitchens
  • Specialist ICT laboratories
  • Career Advice Centre
  • Library
  • Disability access

Extracurricular activities

  • Student Leadership programs
  • School Sport
  • Canoeing trip down the Ord River
  • Kakadu bushwalk
  • Tasmanian Bushwalk
  • Interstate and international excursions
  • Bare Sand Island - Turtle Tour
  • Hosting exchange students

Performances and Exhibitions

  • Dance students perform in a wide range of community events such as Darwin Festival, Sea Breeze Festival, multicultural days/events
  • Drama performances at Years Ten, Eleven and Twelve
  • Creative Arts production
  • Visual Arts Exhibition
  • CSC's Talent Quest competition

Involvement in Academic Competitions

  • Debating and Public Speaking competitions
  • Engineering Challenge
  • Brain Bee, Rio Tinto Big Science Challenge, University of New South Wales ICAS competitions, Chemistry Titration Challenge
  • National/International Youth Science Forum


  • Students must attend all timetabled classes.
  • All students are expected to arrive on time.
  • Year Ten and Eleven students are to remain on campus at all times.
  • If students become ill at the College they must go to Reception.
  • Students wishing to leave College grounds during the day, must have permission from their parent or guardian and must sign out through the Reception.


  • Dependent Students: Parent/guardian is requested to provide notification to the College by phone, email or a letter with an acceptable reason for student absence.
  • Phone 8983 7500 or email csc.absent@ntschools.net
  • Independent Students: It is your responsibility to notify the College using the information above.
  • A medical certificate is required after an absence of three or more consecutive days or for an extended period of absence due to illness.


  • The Bookroom sells stationery and is a security area for bags.
  • Student information is placed on the noticeboard outside the Bookroom.

School Hours 2016

Monday 8:45am - 2:00pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00am - 2:00pm (Year Ten)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm (Year Eleven and Year Twelve)