Why Casuarina Senior College

Casuarina Senior College is a leader in NT senior secondary education. Our student’s success and our exceptional reputation are fostered by a team of dedicated and highly accomplished teachers and support staff. Casuarina Senior College creates opportunities for our students to be successful, responsible, respected, learners and to grow into valued members of society. 

Casuarina Senior College provides a learning environment where each individual student is supported and encouraged to reach their full potential. The academic, social and emotional wellbeing of students is a pivotal focus at the College and our teachers strive to ensure that all aspects of student wellbeing are catered for.

Casuarina Senior College teachers are experts in their field and are passionate about their area of study and the individual success of our students. Our award winning staff have been recognised for their contributions to education in the Teaching in the Territory Excellence Awards. Performing Arts teacher, Marita Smith and Home Economics teacher, Mek Venes were named Northern Territory Secondary Teacher of the Year in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

The College practices and encourages teachers to employ Visible Learning methods. Visible Learning encompasses the idea that student learning needs to be made ‘visible’ to teachers, so they are able to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching methods and that teaching is ‘visible’ to students, so they are able to become their own teachers, a pivotal aspect of becoming lifelong learners. Visible Learning encourages educators to evaluate their own teaching methods to see learning through the eyes of the student.

Student voice and outcomes is the foundation of everything we do at the College. When implementing new initiatives or updating practices, the first question we ask is ‘how will this enhance student outcomes?’

What our students say:

"The teachers push me to do my best"

"The teachers care about more than just my grades"

"I feel really supported by the teachers and staff"