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Why Casuarina Senior College

In 2018, Casuarina Senior College introduced a 3-year program for the Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET), we call it NTCET@CSC.

Through NTCET@CSC students start their NTCET in Year 10, giving them a head start on Year 11 and 12.

NTCET@CSC: Prepare, Progress & Accelerate in Stage 1 and Stage 2 courses will provide the flexibility to tailor the senior years to each student’s individual needs and aspirations – whether they wish to focus on preparing, progressing or accelerating their learning.

We believe NTCET@CSC inspires students who may previously have been disengaged in their 10th year of schooling, as well as enabling academically high achieving students to accelerate their senior schooling journey.

The initiative is a bold and innovative one, with broad approval from stakeholders such as the Education Minister, the Department of Education, the NT Board of Studies and the school community including staff, parents and students.

Complementing NTCET@CSC are a suite of other measures: later start times, earlier finishing times on Mondays and Fridays, longer lessons and more training for teachers.

The move is in line with our values of Respect, Trust, Responsibility, Honesty and High Expectations.

Download the  NTCET@CSC Information Document

Visible Learning

The College practices and encourages teachers to employ Visible Learning methods. Visible Learning encompasses the idea that student learning needs to be made ‘visible’ to teachers, so they are able to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching methods and that teaching is ‘visible’ to students, so they are able to become their own teachers, a pivotal aspect of becoming lifelong learners. Visible Learning encourages educators to evaluate their own teaching methods to see learning through the eyes of the student.


Casuarina Senior College draws its students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds and circumstances. Students who attend the College do so for many reasons, all with differing aspirations and goals. It is a hallmark of the College that every student who completes their education at CSC does so with a program that meets their needs.

Students who have their sights set on professional careers are able to enrol in classes that provide top quality entrance qualifications to all university choices. Accelerated classes are available in all core subject areas, and as students move through the curriculum, specialist teachers are available to provide advanced classes in all disciplines.

Casuarina Senior College operates a Centre for Excellence in two pathways: Medicine and Health Sciences and STEM. The Centre for Excellence provides differentiated learning opportunities for high ability students. Both pathways contain specialised courses offering students opportunities for enrichment and acceleration.

In 2018 the College will launch the High Performance Sports Program for student athletes, wishing to combine their passion for their chosen sport with the school studies. 

The College actively involves itself with the career aspirations of its students' lives. It is well equipped with a Career Advice Centre, where expert staff are constantly in touch with all major tertiary institutions throughout Australia, providing relevant information and guidance to students. Individual case management and tracking of progress is a priority, and staff continually monitor student progress to ensure successful completion of the NTCET.

Of course, if students change their minds, or interest is kindled in other areas, the College is well placed to offer and cater for the many other pathways available. Counselling and support services are on hand to ensure that you and your child make an informed choice in this important period.






Student Leadership Team

For information about the STUDENT LEADERSHIP TEAM, please visit their page. 

Community Engagement

The College participates in a number of community events and activities including:

Bombing of Darwin Commemoration
ANZAC Day Dawn Service
Anti-Bullying Day
Biggest Morning Tea
Casuarina Senior College Free Community Movie Under the Stars
Remembrance Day Service
R U OK? Day


Casuarina Senior College students participate in a wide range of competitions to extend and challenge themselves, including:

Plain English Speaking and Debating Competitions
Business and Stock Exchange Competitions
Science Competitions including ICAS, Brain Bee, Science and Engineering Challenge, Titration Competition, Rio Tinto Big Science Competition, Youth Science Forum and Australian Biology Olympiad
ICAS Mathematics and Computing
Interschool sport competitions coordinated by NT School Sport

Educational Excursions

A variety of educational excursions are offered throughout the school year and are advertised to students and parents/caregivers through the College Newsletter and Student Bulletin.

Educational excursions include:

Melbourne Arts Study Tour
Bare Sand Island - Turtle Tour
Japan Cultural Tour
New Zealand Ski Trip


Casuarina Senior College students are given the opportunity to participate in a number of extra-curricular programs to enhance their learning and create a rounded educational experience.

These programs include:

Duke of Edinburgh Award - Students interested in this program should see our DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD PAGE
$20 Boss

Results and Achievements


Casuarina Senior College has a strong tradition of ensuring students achieve their personal best. The College draws its students predominantly from the northern suburbs of Darwin and comprises a wide multicultural mix with approximately 18% identified as Aboriginal. 38% of our learners have a language background other than English. 



In 2018, 94% of Casuarina Senior College Stage 2 students achieved their Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET).


In 2018, 8 Casuarina Senior College graduates achieved an ATAR over 90; placing them in the top 10% of Australian graduates, the highest ATAR of College graduates was 96.10 out of a possible 99.95, 1 Stage 2 students and 1 Stage 1 student received A+ Merit Awards.

Please view a full recap of the College 2018 results HERE.

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Casuarina Senior College builds a culture and environment where young adults are confident to take responsibility for their learning. This environment is developed through mutual trust, respect and care between students, staff and the broader community.