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Enrolment Information

Now taking enrolments for 2019.

Please complete an enrolment form and return to CSC, a subject selection form will be sent when available. 

For all enquiries please contact Kate Allison on 8983 7302 or Email CSC.

2019 First Year students enrolling from Dripstone Middle School, Sanderson Middle School and Nightcliff Middle School have had enrolment paperwork and information given to them at enrolment assemblies at their schools. 

New Enrolments

Complete an ENROLMENT FORM online or collect an enrolment package from Reception.




If you are interested in VET courses, please go to the VETDSS Page for more information and Expression of Interest Forms. 

Please submit the completed enrolment package with all additional paperwork to Reception.

Please include:

  • Signed enrolment form
  • Copy of suitable ID - Australian Birth certificate, Australian passport or Visa
  • Copies of most recent semester school reports and NAPLAN results  
  • Proof of Residence - Rental Agreement, Power Bill or Landline Phone Bill (not PO Box)

Once your paperwork has been received an appointment with one of our Leadership Team will be arranged.

Office hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 4:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm


Casuarina Senior College welcomes enquiries from international students who would like to study in the Northern Territory. The College traditionally has a range of students from a variety of countries who have studied for their NTCET. In addition to the full time study option, the College has hosted a range of exchange students. For further details on international and exchange student programs please contact the College.

Campus Map



What options are there for students studying their NTCET?
  • Academic programs across the range of curriculum areas for students wanting to enter university
  • Options to combine academic programs and Vocational Education and Training
What programs provide specialisations for students?
  • Centre for Excellence in Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Centre for Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • High Performance Sports Program
  • A vibrant Visual and Performing Arts program (Dance, Visual Arts, Drama, Creative Arts, Photography, Music)
  • SEDA - CSC is the host school for students wishing to pursue a career in sport and recreation (Certificate II, III and IV in Sport and Recreation)
  • Darwin Maritime Academy
  • Outdoor Education and Physical Education
  • Indonesian, French, Tagalog and Japanese languages 
What student support is available?

Casuarina Senior College has a number of supports in place to encourage and assist students while at school. These include:

  • Support personnel - Coordinators, Counsellor, Careers staff and Vocational Learning Coordinator
  • Aboriginal and Islander Education worker to support Aboriginal students and families
  • Defence Transition Mentor to support students from Defence families
  • Tutor support available in the Library before, during and after school hours
  • Clontarf Academy to support Aboriginal males
  • Stars Program to support Aboriginal females
  • Henbury Outreach Program
  • Supported Learning Program for students with additional learning needs
What is the textbook and resource hire scheme?

Casuarina Senior College aims to provide an outstanding education and quality outcomes for all students. This is achieved by providing a rich and varied curriculum and by maximising student engagement.

In order to ensure the continuation of excellent educational practice and the achievement of quality outcomes for CSC students, the College offers a fair and equitable Textbook and Resource Hire Scheme.

For further information view our TEXTBOOK & RESOURCE HIRE SCHEME BROCHURE.

Forms to sign up to the Textbook and Resource Hire Scheme are included in the enrolment package.

Is there a laptop hire scheme?

Casuarina offers a laptop hire scheme and all students are encouraged to participate.

For further information visit our LAPTOP HIRE PROGRAM PAGE

What are the facilities at the college?
  • New specialist Science annexe and refurbished Science block
  • Well-equipped gymnasium & climbing wall
  • Specialist dance studio
  • Technical Studies areas including automotive workshop
  • Hospitality kitchens
  • Specialist ICT laboratories
  • Career Advice Centre
  • Library
  • New self service canteen and airconditioned cafeteria 
What extra-curricular activities are available?

Student Leadership Team

Casuarina Senior College encourages students to take on leadership opportunities to develop as valued members of their community. Student leaders are voted into positions on the Student Leadership Team by their peers and teachers.

College Captains exist at each year level. The prospective College Captains perform a speech to their peers before voting occurs. Following the voting the prospective Captains are interviewed by the Student Leadership Team and are selected based on a combination of the voting and their interview.

Community Engagement

The College participates in a number of community events and activities including:

  • Bombing of Darwin Commemoration
  • ANZAC Day Dawn Service
  • Anti-Bullying Day
  • Biggest Morning Tea
  • Casuarina Senior College Free Community Movie Under the Stars
  • Remembrance Day Service
  • R U OK? Day
  • Seabreeze Festival
  • Darwin Festival


Casuarina Senior College students participate in a wide range of competitions to extend and challenge themselves, including:

  • Plain English Speaking and Debating Competitions
  • Business and Stock Exchange Competitions
  • Science Competitions including ICAS, Brain Bee, Science and Engineering Challenge, Titration Competition, Rio Tinto Big Science Competition, Youth Science Forum and Australian Biology Olympiad
  • ICAS Mathematics and Computing
  • Interschool sport competitions coordinated by NT School Sport

Educational Excursions

A variety of educational excursions are offered throughout the school year and are advertised to students and parents/caregivers through the College Newsletter and Student Bulletin.

Educational excursions include:

  • Melbourne Arts Study Tour
  • Bare Sand Island - Turtle Tour
  • Japan Cultural Tour
  • New Zealand Ski Trip


Casuarina Senior College students are given the opportunity to participate in a number of extra-curricular programs to enhance their learning and create a rounded educational experience.

These programs include:

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award - Students interested in this program should contact Mr Michael Pearson, 
  • $20 Boss
  • Motley Rap Workshop
What performances and exhibitions can my child take part in?
  • Dance students perform in a wide range of community events such as Darwin Festival, Seabreeze Festival and multicultural days/events
  • Drama performances
  • Creative Arts production
  • Visual Arts Exhibition
  • CSC's Talent Quest competition
  • CSC Spectacular
What academic competitions are available?
  • Plain English Speaking and Debating Competitions
  • Business and Stock Exchange Competitions
  • Science Competitions including ICAS, Brain Bee, Science and Engineering Challenge, Titration Competition, Rio Tinto Big Science Competition, Youth Science Forum and Australian Biology Olympiad
  • ICAS Mathematics and Computing
  • Interschool sport competitions coordinated by NT School Sport
What academic competitions are available?
  • Students must attend all timetabled classes
  • All students are expected to arrive on time
  • Students wishing to leave College grounds during the day when they have timetabled classes, for any reason including illness, must have permission from their parent/guardian and must sign out through the Reception
What is the process for an absence?
  • Dependent Students: Parent/guardian is requested to provide notification to the College by phone, email or a letter with an acceptable reason for student absence
  • Phone 8983 7500 or EMAIL
  • Independent Students: It is your responsibility to notify the College using the information above
  • A medical certificate is required after an absence of 3 or more consecutive days or for an extended period of absence due to illness
What is the bookroom for?
  • The Bookroom sells stationery and is a secure area for bags
What are the College hours?

Monday & Friday 8:30am - 1:35pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30am - 3:35pm

Students' start and finish times will vary depending on their timetable.


Casuarina Senior College builds a culture and environment where young adults are confident to take responsibility for their learning. This environment is developed through mutual trust, respect and care between students, staff and the broader community.