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Research Project B Students Receive Advanced Academic Standing

Year Eleven and Twelve students who completed Stage Two Research Project B in 2016 have recently been awarded advanced standing for a compulsory common unit at Charles Darwin University.

The member for Sanderson, Kate Worden and Nicola Rolls, from Charles Darwin University, presented the 25 students with their awards at a formal Year Twelve assembly.

Students were assessed on two assessment components, their written report and a five minute oral presentation to a University panel, in which they were required to explain the Primary and Secondary research they conducted and their overall research findings.

This advanced academic standing will result in these students being exempt from one of the two common units at CDU and receiving ten credit points towards their degree. Casuarina Senior College students excelled, with the majority receiving either a High Distinction or Distinction grade.

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded advanced standing: Claudia Borlace, Afaisa Hicks, Tanishq Dhir, Maria Cameirao, Sheena Fitzsimmons, Erin Geer, Ryan Gosper, Braeden Hoskins, Michael Kalikatzaros, Eleni Lymberis, Tahnee Maxwell, Jacinta Mitchell, Vicki Nguyen, Simeon Skoufezis, Jason Adams, Megan Barker, Georgette Birch, Katina Vazanellis, Daniel Turner, Kaliopi Skoufezis, Rianne Layson, Shanae Kuo and Kynara Konatic.


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