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Stars Foundation

The Casuarina Senior College Stars Program aims to improve the education and health outcomes for young, Aboriginal women enrolled at the College. The Stars Program provides full-time mentors for members and addresses the different socialisation, community expectations and life experiences of Aboriginal women, as well as their particular needs and challenges.

The broad range of experiences and activities offered and the rich, respectful relationships that the mentors develop with the students are the key to the success of the program. The Stars Program aims to foster resilience and wellbeing, leading to increased social connection, community participation and self-confidence.

Stars Foundation Contacts

Kylie Duggan

Tracy Vallejo
First Year Mentor

Jordan Ah Sam
Second Year Mentor

Louise Turner
Third Year Mentor



Casuarina Senior College builds a culture and environment where young adults are confident to take responsibility for their learning. This environment is developed through mutual trust, respect and care between students, staff and the broader community.