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Course Description

Indonesian Continuers is for both First and Second Year students who have studied the Indonesian language for 200-300 hours by the time they have commence First Year, or who have an equivalent; for example, a background speaker or someone who has lived in the country speaking the language.

In this course, students learn to interact with others using the Indonesian language, to share information, ideas, opinions and experiences.

They learn how to create texts in Indonesian and analyse texts to interpret meaning, and examine relationships between language, culture and identity, whilst reflecting on the ways in which culture influences communication.

Using a family grouping model, classes combine 3 major groups of Stage 1 students: second language learners, background language learners and first language learners.

This model enables student confidence to grow and ability to support each other.

Assessment Type & Weighting

Interaction 20%
Text Production 20% 
Text Analysis 30%  
Investigation 30%

Semester Offered

Semesters 1 & 2


Casuarina Senior College builds a culture and environment where young adults are confident to take responsibility for their learning. This environment is developed through mutual trust, respect and care between students, staff and the broader community.