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Course Description

The focus of Media Studies is on exploring the dynamic role of media in Australian and global contexts.

In this course students develop an understanding of the ways in which media provide views of world events, interpretations of the world, and entertainment.

Students consider how media can exert a significant influence on the ways in which people receive and interpret information about the world, explore their own culture and that of others, construct their identity, make economic choices, develop political ideas, and spend their leisure time.

Media contributes to the formation of cultural identity because they are central to everyday life.

Students are involved in discussing and analysing media issues, interacting with media, and creating media products.

Students actively engage and interact with media, while learning to make informed choices.

The analytical elements of Media Studies support students to develop critical research and analysis skills that may lead to future study or employment pathways.

Assessment Type & Weighting

Folio 30%
Interaction Study  30%
Product 40%

Semester Offered

Semesters 1 & 2


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