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Course Description

Stage 1 Mathematics is organised into topics that broaden students’ mathematical experience, and provide a variety of contexts for incorporating mathematical arguments and problem-solving.

The topics provide a blending of algebraic and geometric thinking. In this course there is a progression of content, applications, and level of sophistication.

The courses consist of the following 12 topics which must be studied over the 2 years to be prepared for stage 2 Mathematical Methods and Stage 2 Specialist Mathematics.

  • Topic 2: Polynomials
  • Topic 4: Counting and statistics
  • Topic 5: Growth and decay
  • Topic 6: Introduction to differential calculus
  • Topic 7: Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series
  • Topic 8: Geometry
  • Topic 9: Vectors in the plane
  • Topic 10: Further trigonometry
  • Topic 12: Real and complex numbers.

Topics 1, 3 and 11 are studied in the Cross Disciplinary course in 1st year.

A TI84 graphic calculator is required for this course.

Stage 1 Specialist Mathematics must be undertaken concurrently with Stage 1 Mathematical Methods. 

Assessment Type & Weighting

Investigation 25%
Skills and Applications Tasks 75%

Semester Offered

Semester 2


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