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Course Description

English as an Additonal Language focuses on the development and use of skills and strategies in communication, comprehension, language and text analysis, and text creation.

Through studying a variety of oral, written, and multimodal texts, including informational and literary texts, students develop an understanding of text structures and language features.

Texts could include, for example, a newspaper article, a podcast, a short story, an extract from a prose text, or a scene from a film.

Students explore the relationship between the structures and features and the purpose, audience, and context of texts. Information, ideas, and opinions in texts are identified and evaluated.

Personal, social, and cultural perspectives in texts are analysed and evaluated.

Students develop confidence in creating texts for different purposes in both real and imagined contexts.

Students broaden their understanding of sociocultural and sociolinguistic aspects of English, through their study of texts and language.

They develop skills for research and academic study.

Assessment Type & Weighting

Academic Literacy Study 30%
Responding to Texts 40%
Examination 30%

Semester Offered

Full Year


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