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As well as the extensive curricular and extra-curricular programs at Casuarina Senior College, we provide a wide range of student support options for students to assist in the development of their mental, emotional and physical health.


Brent Carter, Ken Rowley and Vincent Thorbjornsen are assigned to each year to act as the group's Coordinator. The coordinator is available to all students and their parents/guardians and ensures that each individual student receives support, guidance and the best education possible. Coordinators follow their cohort through First Year to Third Year.

The responsibilities of the Coordinator include:

• Course advice and subject selection

• Study skills advice

• Providing support to students with both academic and personal challenges

• Seeking credit for students who have completed learning outside of school

• Withdrawal and attendance strategies

College Counsellor

Kate Jenner provides confidential and free support as well as referrals to external support agencies to all students. The Counsellor works in partnership with additional student support services to create a safe, caring school, free from violence and discrimination.

Aboriginal & Islander Education Worker (AIEW)

Joe Russell is available to assist Aboriginal students with both academic and personal issues. The AIEW implements support and engagement strategies to create a safe and respectful learning environment for all students and to assist students in achieving their best at the College.

Home Liaison Officer

Cathy Gerakios is responsible for managing student attendance data and contacting parents/guardians if students are not attending classes.

Defence Transition Mentor

Mike Whitmee works part time at the College supporting our Defence students and families. 

Hours: Monday - Thursday 10am - 12pm. 

Student Support Team

First Year Coordinator
Ken Rowley
T 08 8983 7340

Second Year Coordinator
Vincent Thorbjornsen
T 08 8983 7341

Third Year Coordinator
Brent Carter
T 08 8983 7342

Assistant Principal
Student Services
Andrew McGuiness

Joe Russell
T 08 8983 7328

Home Liasison Officer
Cathy Gerakios 
T 08 8983 7375

Defence Transition Mentor
Mike Whitmee
T 08 8983 7333

Kate Jenner
T 08 8983 7330


Career Advice Centre

The Career Advice Centre located at the College is available to both students and their parents/guardians. The staff in the Career Advice Centre specialise in providing information and advice relating to the NTCET and College subject selection, as well as future course options and career pathways. Students have access to expert advice and guidance covering all career pathways, whether it be a VET program, tertiary education, an apprenticeship or obtaining employment.

Kellie Stripling is Casuarina Senior College's Career Adviser.

For more information visit our CAREERS WEBSITE.

Finance Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday

8:00am - 4:00pm


8:00am - 3:00pm

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre will assist you to find resources that will help you with your study.

The Resource Centre at Casuarina Senior College provides access to a wide range of resources and services. Students are able to access the Resource Centre during their study lines, breaks and after school. The Resource Centre has a tutor available during open hours to assist students with their homework and assessment items and students have access to computers. Apart from the large book and journal collections, online access is provided to electronic reference material and subscription databases from the Resource Centre computers and all internet access points throughout the Resource Centre intranet page.

Hours: 8am - 4:30pm

Clontarf Academy

Established in 2009 the Academy caters for Aboriginal males enrolled at the College.


More information about Casuarina CLONTARF

Stars Foundation

Established in 2016 Stars caters for Aboriginal females enrolled at the College.


More information about Casuarina STARS


Casuarina Senior College builds a culture and environment where young adults are confident to take responsibility for their learning. This environment is developed through mutual trust, respect and care between students, staff and the broader community.