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Course Description

Business Innovation covers business contexts in the modern world.

In a time when design-led companies outperform other companies, the process of finding and solving customer problems or needs through design thinking and using assumption-based planning tools is used.

The customer is at the centre of the innovation process.

This course looks at understanding the underlying problems or needs of viable business products, services, and processes that relate to the customer in providing a solution to the problem.

Integral to learning through finding and solving complex, dynamic, real-world problems is the opportunity for students to work collaboratively.

Business Innovation encourages students to work together, build on ideas and gain an understanding that business innovation requires risks.

Topics include:

  • Collection and analysis of financial data and business information
  • The process of proposing, developing, and testing solutions to meet customers’ needs and wants
  • Their financial awareness and skills in decision-making
  • Marketing
  • Business plans
  • Business in the local, national and global context
  • Digital and emerging technologies
  • Start-up and existing businesses
  • Business opportunities
  • Responsibilities and impacts of business models

Assessment Type & Weighting

Business Pitch 25%
Business Skills 75%

Semester Offered

Semesters 1 & 2


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