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Course Description

In a time when design-driven companies consistently outperform other stock market companies, Business Innovation foregrounds design thinking and assumption-based business planning tools to promote an iterative, human-centred approach to innovation and the transformation of business products, services, and processes.

This course is structured around two of the following three key areas:

  • Designing business
  • Sustaining business
  • Transforming business

The key areas are covered through the following contexts:

  • Innovation
  • Decision-making and project management
  • Financial literacy and information management
  • Global, local and digital perspectives

Fundamental business concepts and ideas taught will include:

  • The nature and structure of business
  • Sources of finance
  • Forms of ownership
  • Legal responsibilities and requirements

Assessment Type & Weighting

Business Model 30%
Business Skills 40%
Business Plan and Pitch 30%

Semester Offered

Full Year


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